Adults and Teens Martial Arts Classes

Adults classes are for students aged from 15 years, and we welcome all types of people, even those who have never trained in a martial art or sport before. During class, students learn the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They learn many other things too, including:

  • humility,
  • respect for yourself, others, and your sport,
  • discipline,
  • failing is okay, as long as you try.

New students

Starting any martial art can feel quite daunting or overwhelming. At Victor Harbor BJJ, you will be welcomed and made to feel at ease as soon as you walk in the door. Everyone will accept you, for turning up and trying something new. Coach Matt can answer questions you may have, but you will understand BJJ best through regular learning and practice.

Class structure

Our class structure is made up of three parts – warm up, techniques, and rolling. Warm ups are BJJ related movements, to get the blood moving and stretch out your muscles. Techniques teach students to actively attack and defend against another person. Rolling is like wrestling, except you don’t stop when you get your partner’s back on the mat. This is where you get to ‘battle test’ your Jiu Jitsu, to find out what you have learned.

Private lessons

Private lessons are available on request. They are used to gain faster progression of your Jiu Jitsu skills. However they can also be used as a transition into classes if you don’t feel confident about starting classes straight away.


Bringing a drink of water with you is very important. You will be sweating a lot, especially during rolling. Also wear old clothes as they may get torn. Or if you have spats, skins or leggings, they would be better. And a towel if you would like. Students who continue lessons are encouraged to wear a BJJ Gi.

Achievement and progression

Grading in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takes longer than other Martial Arts. So between belt grading, stripes are awarded to show progression. Everyone is graded against themselves only, no one else.

If students are interested in competing, there are a number of Jiu Jitsu competitions being held all year round and you will be supported by Coach Matt and other students.


Monday : Womens BJJ: 9:30am – 10:30am,
Adults: 10:45am – 11:45am.
Adults: 6:15pm – 7:45pm

Thursday : 6:15 – 7:45pm


$80 per month.
$20 per casual class.
Students between 15-18 years : $50/month, $15/casual.
Your first TWO classes are FREE.


Mr Matt is a happy father, supportive teammate, and a humble Jiu jitsu practitioner who has a wealth of knowledge regarding the art. I knew Mr Matt through Jiu jitsu. Each time from our training sessions, he surprises me with his ever-expanding understanding of the art. His detailed instruction helps me easily comprehend movements and techniques. Apart from an instructor, he can also be a fun training partner to drill and spar with. Don’t be fooled by his gentleman look, he is a beast on the mat!!!!!!! Yuan Xiao Xuan “Freshman”

I am quite new to BJJ but I am fortunate enough to have been taught by Matt on a few occasions. He is extremely patient and happy to put the time in to make sure that I have the technique right. He never makes me feel silly or like I am a bother. He is always smiling and making me feel comfortable. Matt is one of the first few people I met when I started BJJ and he has made me feel very welcome. One thing I found hard in the beginning was approaching new people but Matt would always come straight up to me and shake my hand before I even had the chance to feel nervous. This simple gesture helped me feel less anxious about starting something that was completely foreign to me. Thank you so much Matt for all your support, teaching and kindness. I really appreciate everything you do! Melissa Chaplin